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It’s true that everyone is aware of my identify. Effectively, my work describes my identify. Nevertheless, for many who have no idea me, I’m an umbrella with a metal construction coated in a navy blue taffeta. I left my residence store with a companion who holds me in his palm. The younger gentleman admires me rather a lot because of the navy blue coloration. Nevertheless, he fell asleep on a bus and overlook to hold me with him to the vacation spot.

I used to be alone for awhile earlier than a ravishing younger girl arrived subsequent to my seat. Angel, her daughter, observed my location and picked me up. Wow! Finally, I’ve discovered my favourite pal. Angel was conscious of my quite a few capabilities. She boarded the bus moist because of the drizzles exterior whereas acquired scorched by the solar in the course of the late morning hours strolling to the library. Moreover, Angel is aware of that I’ll hold all of the water off her in the course of the subsequent bus cease therefore will stay dry in the course of the moist climate within the night. On a separate word, her mom who spends a lot of the time outside will really feel snug.

Lowering temperature beneath is my optimistic high quality. I’m able to cowl anyone from the rain and daylight. Due to this fact, Angel by no means hesitated to understand one of the best resolution to her instant issues. On the subsequent station, she grabbed me gently by the waist, and we headed residence fortunately. Mr. Philip, Angel’s father might discover the happiness in her eyes and Angel replied handing me over to him. She defined how she discovered me lonely and couldn’t hesitate to have me by her aspect. Wow! I noticed that the identical good-looking and younger man who took me from my residence was Mr. Philip.

Angel took me to the play floor and requested for shade. She couldn’t consider her eyes. The navy blue coloration was brighter below the solar. I turned a part of her trend portray in her colourful room beside a rain protector. Each weekend I accompany Angel and the household to a shopping center the place I discover a few of my associates. I get pleasure from more often than not I accompany one of many household or the entire household for a stroll. I develop into dwell and really feel heat within the presence of daylight. In different events, I get moist on account of rain fall, and I thank the household of Mr. Philip for retaining my existence energetic. Within the streets, I hate the roads and streets the place I get a whole lot of competitors from automobiles with quite a few colours. Nevertheless, I like footpaths and slender streets with minimal colours therefore I develop into distinguished. More often than not, I accompany Angel throughout the slender avenue since I’m moveable, movable and foldable.

I’m glad to be a part of the household of Mr. Philip. Everyone loves to hold me. Nevertheless, Angel takes time to scrub me each time she stays at residence and ensures that I sleep amongst her finest toys she retains in a nook inside her room. Generally, I really feel unhappy on account of her jealousy in direction of her mom who calls for to take me away on a regular basis. I like the entire household and miss each individual each time she hides me in her room. Nevertheless, this place is stuffed with consolation away from the store the place I used to be feeling congested amongst the larger umbrellas that blocked me away from seeing the companions. Thus, I stayed longer at midnight room solely listening to the voices of consumers who purchased a few of my colleagues. I’m grateful for the household of Mr. Philip who made me understand my potentials and the significance of my existence.

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