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Essay and How to Write it in Stages

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It does not matter that you are going to write an essay, essay, article, essay or something else. All these works have a fairly clear structure.

An essay is a small volume of scientific work, which presents the author’s own opinion about something, supported by arguments of a theoretical or practical nature. An essay can be considered a creative work, but this does not mean that there are no strict requirements for writing an essay.

In recent years, teachers have increasingly been asked to write an essay in the study of the discipline. However, the increasing popularity of this type of student work does not force teachers to write clear requirements for the essay.

How to write an essay

The first and most important requirement when writing an essay is the relevance of the topic of the essay. Like any scientific work, it should be carried out on an urgent topic, to aim to find solutions to important problems of our time. The introduction describes the importance of the selected topic. This description should not be too voluminous, 3-4 sentences are enough.

Any work is written with a specific purpose, which the author describes in the beginning, i.e. in the introduction. In the case of the essay, it is necessary to put forward at the beginning of a hypothesis, which is planned to prove or disprove. In principle, one paragraph or sentence is usually enough to indicate the hypothesis you are going to prove or disprove.

To have such skill as writing an essay is useful to you not only in universities but also later in your life. Knowing quite an easy formula writing, you will easily be able to write. This formula consists of the following steps:

  1. purpose of the essay;
  2. title;
  3. introduction;
  4. basic information;
  5. summary.

The meaning and idea of the abstract

To begin with, before writing your essay, you should be well defined with the theme and ideas that you want to convey to the reader. Of course, you are lucky if you already have a topic (for example, you asked your teacher). If not, it is better to write a work on the topic in which you are best versed and know all its nuances. What topic do you know the most? Good and bad sides of the chosen theme? Love cars? Do you like to photograph? Paint? Are you a volunteer at some company? Are you against the destruction of forests and green spaces?

This is your chance to write a great work. Fit the meaning of your topic in one sentence or paragraph. This will be your main topic, your thesis. which you will describe in your essay.

Work name

Choose the title of the work so that it clearly reflects the idea you want to convey. Make a name so that it has a verb because it is a strong enough place to pay attention to. If you take any absolute magazine, you will notice that the title of the article will contain a verb.

If you make the headline provocative, it will interest more people.


In the introduction, you describe briefly in a few sentences what you want to tell, so to speak, bring the reader to the main idea. At the very beginning, WA has a good chance to interest your reader.

What are the introduction and conclusion? This is the beginning and end of your essay. Formally, these two parts of work as current are not considered. Your beginning tells your reader what you write next. However, too much and long to write is not necessary-enough one or two paragraphs.

Main Theme

In this part of the text, you tell your theme entirely. If the main part is quite large, concentrate on a few basic, main points, what would Cititel not lost the main idea.

However, if you are unable for some reason to write a work, then you help the paper writing service.


The last part of the work is the conclusions. At the very beginning, we said that the conclusion should also be brief, the same as the beginning of the essay. In the beginning you say the main idea of the work. In conclusion, confirm or on the contrary refute your hypothesis. The most important thing is that your conclusions were made by you, and not taken from somewhere. At the end should be only what your reader is already familiar with in your main part.

Well here, actually and all. Based on these taps you will be able to write any work.


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